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Date Itinerary 2020
02/09/2020 As Namdroling Monastery has remained closed for few months due to pandemic Chogtrul Gyang Khang Rinpoche, the Chief of Namdroling Monastery, graciously gifted INR1000/- and face masks to all the monks and nuns, Namdroling Parent’s Home and the staffs of TT Hospital on the auspicious day of Buddha Amitabha.
13/08/2020 August 13, 2020, Kyabje Gyang Khang Chotrul Rinpoche was invited to attend International Tibetan Buddhism Propagation Forum.
29/07/2020 July 29, 2020, the 10th day of June of the Tibetan calendar, is an auspicious day of Guru Rinpoche’s birthday. Praying that all disasters around the world will cease to exist, and all beings may escape suffering and attain tranquility and happiness!
06/07/2020 With the most heartfelt wishes to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama a happy 85th Birthday, good fortune and healthy holy body; Pray for His Holiness be long stay in the world and turns unceasingly the wheel of transmigration for all beings!
28/05/2020 Kyabje Gyang Khang Chotrul Rinpoche in the name of Palyul Bodh Gaya Monastery donated and distributed food to the needy people in the vicinity who are facing crisis due to the Covid19 pandemic.
07/05/2020 The 2564 Buddha Jayanti, Kyabje Gyang khang Chotrul Rinpoche was invited by International Buddhist Confederation to give speech online.
02/05/2020 Kyabje Gyang khang Chotrul Rinpoche on behalf of Namdroling Monastery lent a helping hand to ease the problem of over 800 needy Indian neighbours in vicinity. And also offered Rupees one lakh each to for feeding those needy people of LUGSUM and TDL Tibetan settlements in Bylakuppe.
02/04/2020 Kyabje Gyang khang Chotrul Rinpoche, made a donation to the Indian Government (Karnataka State) on behalf of the entire sangha of Namdroling Monastery as a support to combat Covid-19 pandemic.
12/03/2020 Kyabje Gyang khang Chotrul Rinpoche gave Ngondro (Preliminary practice) teachings at the beginning of a monthlong retreat in Namdroling Monastery.
10/03/2020 Kyabje Gyang khang Chotrul Rinpoche gave ordination to new-comer monks and nuns with hair-cutting and vows during the refuge ritual.
09/03/2020 Kyabje Gyang khang Chotrul Rinpoche presided over the completion of Drubchen; In the morning, the precious thangka of the Three Longevity Divinities was displayed and followed by the Lama Dances; In the afternoon, the objects of Siddhi were blessed to all the faithful people attending; In the evening, the grand puja concluded with butter Lamp Prayers and verses of auspiciousness!
08/03/2020 On the 7th day of Drubchen, Puja of Performing the Bringing of Siddhi
07/03/2020 On the 6th day of Drubchen, Sadhana practice the Enrichment Fire Puja
06/03/2020 On the 5th day of Drubchen, led the sangha to recite mantras of Vajra Armour and Pranashavari for quick recovery from current outbreak of coronavirus epidemic.
05/03/2020 On the 4th day of Drubchen, Clearing obstacles and bestowing blessings
04/03/2020 On the 3rd Day of Drubchen, coinciding with auspicious day of Guru Rinpoche - Display of the Giant Thangka of Guru Rinpoche and the precious Ritual Dance of Guru Padmasambhava's Eight Manifestations.
03/03/2020 Expelling of obstacles and negative spirits, and descent of blessing on the 2nd Day of Drubchen
02/03/2020 Kyabje Gyang khang Chotrul Rinpoche presided over the Annual 60th Drubchen (Sadhana Practice) Ceremony in Namdroling Monastery.
28/02/2020 Kyabje Gyang khang Chotrul Rinpoche made Gold Offering on the holy statues of Lord Buddha Sakyamuni etc., in the Mahabodhi Temple, Bodh Gaya, India; and dedicated such virtue and merit to all believers, disciples, benefactors, supporters, and all beings with positive or negative conduct for good health, karma hindrance be obstructed, implementation of virtuous karma, increase of merit and wisdom, all noble vows be fulfilled; the deceased be reborn in upper realms, and beings amongst six realms escape sufferings and attain tranquility and happiness!
24/02/2020 welcome the Iron Mouse Year-Kyabje Gyang khang Chotrul Rinpoche led the sangha to welcome the Iron Mouse Year with prayers to bring peace, prosperity and good health followed by Khadhar (scarf) offered to the throne of His Holiness Pema Norbu Rinpoche.
29/01/2020 Kyabje Gyang khang Chotrul Rinpoche made prayers for obstacles to disease eradication etc., under the Bodhi Tree, and dedicated the prayers for all patients to recover rapidly, global disasters cease as soon as possible, and all beings escape suffering and attain tranquility and happiness!
26/01-04/02/2020 Kyabje Gyang khang Chotrul Rinpoche presides over the 31st Ngagyur Nyingma Monlam Chenmo / World Peace Prayer Ceremony at Bodh Gaya, India. And met the new ordained sangha.




















































































































































































































































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