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Date Itinerary 2016
06/12/2016 Rinpoche presides over puja in Sikkim
04/12/2016 Rinpoche giving blessings at Nyingma Monasteries
03/12/2016 Rinpoche presiding at Rigzin Dupa puja in Sikkim
01-02/12/2016 Cremation Ceremony of the late Yangthang Rinpoche
20/08-04/09/2016 Dharma Propagation in Canada
13/08/2013 Dharma Propagation in New York City, USA
14/07/2016 Gyang Khang Khentrul Rinpoche will be presiding over the summer retreat and empowerments at New York Retreat Center starts from 14th July for a month.
02-03/06/2016 Dharma Propagation in Taiwan
06/2016 Gyang Khang Khentrul Rinpoche visited Mount Wutai
25/05/2016 Gyang Khang Khentrul Rinpoche leads sangha to grant blessings to the newly built rooms at Retreat Center, and Dharma Practice Temple both under construction at Namdroling Monastery.
24/05/2016 Rinpoche provides Robes to Monks and Nuns of Namdroling Monastery
21/05/2016 Gyang Khang Khentrul Rinpoche presides over Annual Financial Report of Namdroling Monastery including Institute, high school, primary school and Nunnery etc.
05/2016 Rinpoche presides over the annual Saga Dawa Duchen Puja at Namdroling Monastery, India
08/04/2016 Local community in Bylakuppe has invited Tulku Rinpoche to bestow an empowerment.
02/04/2016 On April 2nd, this auspicious Dakini Day, the Head Abbot of Namdroling Monastery, Gyang Khang Khentrul Rinpoche and all sangha members perform the Long Life puja and make Mandala Offering for Venerable Yangthang Rinpoche.
04/2016 ¡§Renovation project of Namdroling Monastery, India¡¨
The Golden Temple of Namdroling Monastery, India had been inaugurated in 1999, there are multiple leaks on the roof, damaged windows and murals, and so on after over a decade, therefore, the monastery has been preparing and planning for the renovation project since 2014; The renovation currently work in progress include gold bronze roof, waterproof construction, windows replacement, maintenance paintings, and repair works of murals in the Guardian Deities Hall, etc....
02/2016 The annual grand puja 2016
The conduct of the consecration of reliquary stupa of Late H.H. Drubwang Padma Norbu Rinpoche, and H.H. the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa is invited to grace the consecration of temple with offering of butter lamp.
The Inauguration Ceremony of ¡§Ngagyur Palyul Thupten Shedrup Choekhor Dargyeling¡¨, Bodh Gaya and H.H. Thubten Rinpoche is invited to bestow Long-Life Empowerment.
The 27th Nyingma Monlam Chenmo World Peace Prayer Assembly at Bodh Gaya, India
The Chairman of the 27th Nyingma Monlam Chenmo, Gyang Khang Khentrul Rinpoche
01-03/01/2016 Dharma Propagation in Taiwan





































































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