The vicissitudes of life, though differing individually, are closely related to one¡¦s body, mind and the environment. It is thus a life lesson all of us need to learn: to face and solve all the difficulties in our life with a positive attitude, so that we achieve the inner and outer peace and harmony.

Through Buddha¡¦s wise teachings, we are able to perceive the truth of life and the universe in the endless transmigration, and find ourselves the right path for liberation.
To help sentient beings to apply the wisdom of the Buddhadharma to their daily lives, Gyang Khang Chotrul Rinpoche has explained the abstruse Buddhist doctrines in simple modern language, in order that it can be close to life and accepted widely and universally.


¡§Evolving One¡¦s Mind¡¨

How to experience the real meaning and value of life?
How to attain the ultimate completion and liberation in this lifetime?
To help people penetrate into the real meaning of life and map out the future with a holistic perspective, this book makes complicated Buddhist doctrines easy to understand. These great teachings of liberation from samsara enable all to attain a perfect completion of body, mind and spirit.
This book expounds the essence and the methodology of the Preliminary Practices of the Great Perfection in plain language. Contents covered in this book include: ¡§Precious Human Rebirth,¡¨ ¡§The Impermanence of Life,¡¨ ¡§The Truth of the Principle of Cause and Effect,¡¨ ¡§The Misery of Samsara,¡¨ ¡§Taking Refuge in Buddhism,¡¨ ¡§Arousing Bodhicitta,¡¨ ¡§Mandala Offering,¡¨ ¡§Vajrasattva Confession Practice,¡¨ ¡§Guru Yoga,¡¨ and ¡§Phowa. ¡¨


















































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