Avalokiteshvara has been an important Bodhisattva for all Buddhist schools, and always been there for the despondent sentient beings in this world. If you vow to take up the path of Avalokiteshvara, you can realize "the answer to all pain and struggle".

Here are many spiritual practices for following Avalokiteshvara; her mercy and blessing are available to different people in different ways.

The common essence of these diversified practices, however is to benefit oneself and others. No matter what spiritual practice you follow, remember all internal practices aim to attain liberation and wisdom through introspection, while all external practices are intended to cultivate loving compassion for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Here I will introduce three important paths to follow Avalokiteshvara: the Six-syllable Mantra, Great Compassion Mantra and Heart Sutra. Each of these three paths has their own merits, beauty and unique approach to wisdom. You can choose your favorite, and enjoy your practicing of them. However different these three paths are, they all lead to the same ultimate destination.







































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