The source of all our pain and troubles, attachments and ignorance, can be eradicated by our cultivation of compassion. Avalokiteshvara, the embodiment of boundless compassion, is a perfect example of forgiveness and tolerance. If we follow her example by treating others with compassion, we will be able to stay away from negative emotions, such as anger, aversion, bitterness and jealousy. When we constantly keep in mind the wisdom of Emptiness, we will no longer be fettered by attachment, pride, greed and delusion.

When all of us have the insight of our true nature through self-reflection, we will be able to attain liberation and benefit everyone around us; we will live in the world of perfection described in Lotus Sutra, where "each sentient being reaches Buddhahood." When this day comes, every sentient being will become an incarnate Avalokiteshvara, just like Gyang Khang Khentrul Rinpoche!


Salvation from Avalokiteshvara in Six Realms
Avalokiteshvara is ready to provide relief whenever and wherever she hears the cry for help; her mercy is available to everyone. The following scriptural stories describe her miraculous salvation in the Six Realms, namely Hell, Hungry Ghost, Animal, Asura, Human, and Deva.


(A) Hell Realm
Sentient beings in the Hell Realm suffer from the unendurable torture in the Hell of Fire and the Hell of Ice. One day, Avalokiteshvara descended to Hell and blessed this Realm. Within a few seconds, the gruesome, freezing Hell of Ice was turned into a warm, cozy place, while the Hell of Fire experienced the bliss of a cool breeze. Lotus flowers were seen everywhere. All the torture devices and cauldrons simply vanished! Astonished by this scene, the henchmen of Hell went to the Lord of Death and reported the miracle.
"There comes someone with a majestic appearance, holding a lotus flower in her hand. She has completely changed our realm!"

The Lord of Death began searching for the source of this extraordinary wonder and found Avalokiteshvara in his realm. He prostrated to Avalokiteshvara and praised her three times before returning to his palace. At the same time, the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara recited her mantra OM MANI PEME HUM, liberating those who heard it from the suffering of the hell.


(B)Hungry Gost Realm
Avalokiteshvara then proceeded to the realm of hungry ghosts. All hungry ghosts were in pathetically deformed shapes: gigantic bellies, bony limbs, narrow throats and tiny mouths. They were all starving, as it was nearly impossible for them to eat. Their mouths were so small that it was very difficult to put anything in them. When they did have some food in their mouth, their needle-thin throat made swallowing virtually impossible. Even if they could swallow something, it was turned into a burning flame in their stomach.
When the hungry ghosts saw the presence of Avalokiteshvara, they cried out "Here's our savior. Please give us your blessing!"

Avalokiteshvara blessed the entire realm by radiating dazzling rays, which endowed them with healthy, strong bodies. She freed them from the torment of thirst and hunger by providing food and drink with her magic powers. Avalokiteshvara then recited her six-syllable mantra OM MANI PEME HUM, which immediately cleansed the bad karma of all the hungry ghosts. With her blessing, they all ended up in the Pure Land!


(C) Animal Realm
Afterwards, Avalokiteshvara came to the Animal Realm. She saw many poor creatures tortured by unspeakable sufferings. Avalokiteshvara manifested herself as a bee and recited her mantra OM MANI PEME HUM and "Homage to Buddha, homage to Dharma and homage to the Sangha" in their ears. Upon hearing these words, all the sentient beings were immediately reborn in the Pure Land!


(D) Human Realm
Avalokiteshvara then ascended to the Human Realm. As a result of her presence, the entire realm was showered with divine elixir mixed with grains and delicious food. Speechless, people stood in awe of this miracle, bewildered by this supernatural phenomenon.

Suddenly, one old man said, "It is the blessing from Avalokiteshvara". "Who is Avalokiteshvara?" asked the crowd. "Avalokiteshvara is our savior, like a torch in the darkness. She is water for those tormented with thirst, and a doctor for those stricken with illness. She is the source of our salvation. Recitation of her mantra OM MANI PEME HUM can help us transcend all sufferings and attain enlightenment."

Hearing this, the people began reciting the sacred mantra with a strong faith, which helped them stay away from pain and disease. They were all reborn in the Pure Land in their next lives.


(E) Asura Realm
Asuras are anti-gods or demi-gods who are predominately hostile and jealous. The King of the Asura Realm, a cruel tyrant, often killed devas and asuras, or tortured them in his prison.
When Avalokiteshvara arrived, she first rendered the king unconscious with her dazzling rays. She then released the spirits of the deceased for their rebirth in the Pure Land and freed all the prisoners. With this done, Avalokiteshvara helped the king regain consciousness. The king of demi-gods then repented for the mistakes he had made, sincerely thanking Avalokiteshvara for what she did.

She expounded the merits of holding her mantra and taught it to the king. "By reciting my mantra you will transcend all suffering and attain enlightenment in your next life," she explained. With this said, everyone in the Asura Realm started to recite this mantra, and was reborn in Pure Land in their next lives.


(F) Deva Realm
Avalokiteshvara then went to the Deva Realm. Nawaichog, the son of god, was in a destitute state because all of his storerooms were empty. Moreover, Nawaichog was desperate because he knew that he was coming to the end of his life.Avalokiteshvara first filled his storerooms with abundant food, clothes and precious jewels. Then she went to Nawaichog and said, "Please give me food". "I don't have anything to give," said Nawaichog. "Your storerooms are filled with food and treasures. Go and see for yourself!" replied Avalokiteshvara.

Nawaichog dashed to his storerooms and found Avalokiteshvara was right. He was elated and served Avalokiteshvara whatever she liked. "Where do you come from?" asked Nawaichog. "I am a disciple of Buddha," she answered. Nawaichog asked again, "Are you a deva or a human?" "I am neither a deva nor a human, but a bodhisattva. My name is Avalokiteshvara."

Nawaichog was deeply delighted and started to recite her mantra and visualize her presence in his spiritual practice. Nawaichog was reborn in the Pure Land in his next life.

For the salvation of diversified sentient beings, Avalokiteshvara reveals her presence in various forms and figures, including Brahmins, monks, nuns, heavenly beings, spirits and demons, just to name a few. All of these incarnations serve the same purpose: revealing Dharma teaching to sentient beings stuck within their karma. Regardless, no matter how many embodiments Avalokiteshvara may have, they all radiate with her compassion.

As the collective embodiment of the compassion of all buddhas, Avalokiteshvara has a special connection with this world of cyclic existence; she is the incarnation of Bodhicitta from all enlightened beings. According to scripture, Avalokiteshvara attained full enlightenment a long time ago and was named Indestructible Dharma Buddha. Out of her compassion to all sentient beings, she returned to this world as Avalokiteshvara, or Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva with Great Compassion and Boundless Mercy.




























































































































































































































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