Spiritual practice is a life-long journey of learning, without end.
As a monk, I am just an ordinary human being. The only difference
between you and me, is my strong resolve in my spiritual path.


Before I start to talk about myself, as usual I would like to pray for blessings from all enlightened beings and my root guru, with my deepest respect to three treasures: Buddha (expression of ultimate nature), Dharma (true path) and Sangha (ideal spiritual community). Namo Buddha Dharma Sangha Ye!

If there is ever any wisdom in my teaching (however little it may be), it is given by the Bodhisattvas and my gurus. According to Maha Parinirvana Sutra, all sentient beings are endowed with Buddha nature. Nevertheless, it is still a long journey before we are totally free from suffering and attain liberation. As a monk, I am just an ordinary human being. The only difference between you and me, however, is my strong resolve in my spiritual path.

According to Buddha, there are innumerous Bodhisattvas in this vast expanse and eighty four thousand paths to enlightenment. Why have I followed the path of Avalokiteshvara¡H My special connection with her in my previous lives matters. What really counts, however, is that this inconceivably compassionate Bodhisattva has always been there for the despondent sentient beings in this world of cyclic existence, to rescue everyone who prays or whispers her name for help, eliminates sufferings of sentient beings, and answers every sincere prayer. Therefore, there is a saying that ¡§Avalokiteshvara¡¨, her sacred name, is seen everywhere in Chinese society.

The blessing and salvation of Avalokiteshvara is within the reach of everyone, as long as they recite her sacred name with faith and devotion. Behind this seemingly simple instruction, there is much deeper message ¡V the source of all our pain and troubles, attachments and ignorance, ca be eradicated by our cultivation of compassion. Avalokiteshvara, the embodiment of boundless compassion, is a perfect example of forgiveness and tolerance. If we follow her example by treating others with compassion, we will be able to stay away from negative emotions, such as anger, aversion and jealousy. When we constantly keep in mind the wisdom of Emptiness, we will no longer be fettered by attachment, pride, greed and delusion.

When all of us have the insight of our true nature through self-reflection, we will be able to attain liberation and benefit everyone around us. Herein, I would like to conclude my introduction with an appeal for your faith in Avalokiteshvara, the faith in her powers to provide "the answer to all pain and struggle!". When we face difficulties, we pray to her for help. We will be able to stay far away from the three lower realms, transcend life and death, and reach the other shore of liberation if we recite the scared name of Avalokiteshvara all the time.

¡iAvalokiteshvara¡j"clearly observed that the true nature of the five aggregates is Emptiness. Such insight is the answer to all pains and struggles." This line in the Heart Sutra is a perfect description of her most distinctive trait - the selfless devotion for the welfare of all sentient beings.

In this modern society, our ignorance and pains have increased with ever-stronger attachments to lust, greed and desire. According to Buddha, there are eight kinds of suffering: birth, old age, disease, death, being surrounded by enemies, separation from loved ones, unfulfilled wishes, and unceasing activities of the five aggregates. The first four sufferings are physical ones, while the latter four are emotional and mental ones. All these sufferings have existed in a cyclic pattern since the beginning of time. All sentient beings have suffered terribly in different ways in this world of cyclic existence. Where is the path out of all this pain? How can we eradicate their root cause? Now I would like to introduce the path of Avalokitesvara, and request everyone to believe and take up the path of Avalokitesvara and keep her presence in your mind at all time.

















































































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