Date: 22~24/09/2018

Presided by Gyang Khang Khentrul Rinpoche, the Chief of Namdroling Monastery, about 120 monks along with Tulku and Khenpo from His Holiness Dodrubchen Rinpoche's Monastery; Tulkus, Khenpos, Lamas, Lopons and monks of Namdroling Monastery in Kalimpong, Dargyeling and Sikkim; and the monks from neighbouring monasteries, forming more than 550 monks in total, faithfully commemorated the Mahaparinirvana Anniversary of His Holiness Domang Yangtang Rinpoche, followed by the Prayer of Swift Reincarnation of His Holiness, extensive feast offerings, etc. for three days at Yuksum, Sikkim. 




































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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