Date¡Gon the 3rd day of Tibetan New Year (Feb. 27 2009)
Place¡GBodh Gaya, India


On the third day of the Tibetan New Year, H.E. Gyang khang Rinpoche applied gold to the face and the body of the holy statue of Lord Buddha in Bodh Gaya. The third day of the Tibetan New Year is considered extremely auspicious. Rinpoche's motivation is to prolong the life of his beloved and kind master H.H. Penor Rinpoche and for the long life of all other great masters of various traditions who benefit the Buddha Dharma.

With this merit of offering gold to Lord Buddha, Rinpoche wishes that his supporters, friends, students and all sentient beings may have good health, happiness, prosperity and ultimately achieve complete enlightenment. Rinpoche requests all students to always rejoice in the benevolent acts of others. By rejoicing in the benevolent acts of others, you accumulate the same merit as¡@those who carried out the act. In this way Rinpoche requests everyone to rejoice in the offering of gold to the holy statue of Lord Buddha.

Lately Rinpoche has been extremely busy and has not been able to reply to all the messages he has received. Rinpoche said all his students are very dear to him and they are always in his thoughts.

Finally, Rinpoche wishes you all much happiness and prays that may all your wishes be spontaneously accomplished. Rinpoche said offering of the gold to Lord Buddha is his New Year gift to all!!



































































































































































































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