The Inauguration Ceremony of ¡§Ngagyur Palyul Thupten Shedrup Choekhor Dargyeling¡¨, Bodh Gaya and on January 19th 2016 and H.H. Thubten Rinpoche is invited to bestow Long-Life Empowerment.

Gyang Khang Khentrul Rinpoche prays for the dedication of the blessings power of the ¡§Ngagyur Palyul Thupten Shedrup Choekhor Dargyeling¡¨ to all living beings for being liberated as long as one hears the name of the Monastery or sees the Monastery, with immense compassion and wisdom, enlighten originated Buddha-nature, surpass turbulent ocean of suffering, and reach the ultimate realm of bliss!





















































































































































































































































































































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