Gyang Khang Khentrul Rinpoche and His Holiness Tusung Rinpoche are on the way to the Palyul Mother Monastery in Tibet for The Grand Guru Rinpoche Puja from 1st May to 10th My of Tibetan calendar.
16/06/2015 Gyang Khang Khentrul Rinpoche met with Penor Yangsi and family, in the meanwhile, there was an auspicious double rainbow appearing above the hill of the Palyul Mother Monastery.
17/06/2015 Supreme halo rainbow circle appeared while Gyang Khang Khentrul Rinpoche visiting the Baiyu County.
20/06/2015 Gyang Khang Khentrul Rinpoche visited Great Adept - His Holiness Soungui Tsering Rinpoche at Liaoxi Temple and Derge Sutra-Printing House.
21/06/2015 Gyang Khang Khentrul Rinpoche attended the annual Grand Drubchen Puja at the Senior Buddhist College of Palyul Mother Monastery ( Making the nectar pills of Monju Bosatsu), and to care the conditions of diet and accommodation for sangha.















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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