Gyang Khang Khentrul Rinpoche was invited by Nyingma & Gelug Lineage etc. for visit & presided over pujas at mountain altitudes of 5,700 meters snowy Tibetan monasteries in northern India between 6-12/October/2014; Dedicating merit and virtue to all believers and disciples for eliminating unfavorable conditions and obstacles, all wishes accomplished.
Nyingma, Gelug Lineage etc. Monasteries:
@* Menjung Labsumling Gonpa
@* Samdrubling Gonpa
@* Taksang Gonpa
@* Gorsam Gonpa
@* A century Tawang Monastery
@* Urgyeling Gonpa
@* Udra Gonpa
@* Gorzam Stupa
@* Phudung Monastery
@* Thegtse Sang-ngag Choekhorling Monastery






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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