Place:Namdroling Monastery, India

Gyang Khang Khentrul Rinpoche presides over Long Life Offering to HH Kyabje Jadrel Rinpoche.

Upon the heartfelt request of all the students of the late His Holiness Penor Rinpoche, His Holiness Kyabje Jadrel Rinpoche, through his stainless pure primordial wisdom mind, recognized the authentic reincarnation of our great beloved guru, an enlightened act of kindness that cannot be repaid even after filling the entire three thousand world systems with previous gems. However, in order to gather the boundless two accumulations for the students and for Kyajbe Jadrel Rinpoche to live long as the protector of beings and for the glory of the Buddhas teachings, we the sangha community in Namdroling Monastery have decided to carry out Khandro Sundog (Reverting the Invitation of the Dakinis) on the 15th March, 2014 (14th day of the First Tibetan Month of Miracles) in conjunction with this years Drupchen/Great Accomplishment Practice according to Ratna Lingpas treasure teaching V Tscdrupn Sangduc V the Long Lifes Buddha as the Gathering of All Secrets. The main purpose of this ritual is to clear away obstacles in all forms to Kyabje Rinpoches life. This puja will be followed by an extensive long life offering ceremony for Rinpoches life to remain firm like an indestructible Vajra.





























































































































































































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