Date: 07/05/2020

May 7, 2020, The 2564 Buddha Jayanti, Kyabje Gyang khang Chotrul Rinpoche was invited by International Buddhist Confederation to give speech online.


Tashi Delek to all the viewers!

Wishing you all Happy Buddha Jayanti from Namdroling Monastery (the Golden Temple), founded by Late His Holiness Drubwang Pema Norbu Rinpoche in 1963 which has now completed 57 years.

I would like to thank all the members of International Buddhist Confederation for organizing Buddha Jayanti amidst global pandemic.

As the advice of Buddha has benefitted numerous sentient beings in the past, is benefiting countless sentient beings now, and which will bring extreme benefit in future as well; IBC has directed me to give a talk on advice of Buddha, specially on Loving Kindness and Compassion so to commemorate the Buddha Jayanti.

Currently, because of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the entire world is facing crisis. More than 3 million people are infected by this virus. Many have lost their lives, but in another note, many have recovered also. This pandemic has caused economic crisis, students cannot go to collages, schools are remained closed, etc. So, everyone in the world are facing same crisis at this point.

In this concern, being a follower of Lord Buddha, I would like to share the point of view of dharma on how our thought should be to face this sort of crisis.

Before 2500 years back Lord Buddha has clearly mentioned that the situations will not remain the same and it will keep changing. In his very first dharma teaching, he stated that “All compounded things are impermanent.”

Suppose if one is in good health and happy today, possibly one might fall into sorrow and despair tomorrow. Likewise, even if one is in immense sorrow and despair today, it might possibly turn into happiness and comfort tomorrow. We cannot predict the phenomena of compounded things, as it keeps changing. Thus, it’s possible for anything to happen. Being a follower of Lord Buddha and having faith towards dharma, it is very important to think that anything is possible to happen.

When everything is said ‘possible to happen because of karma’ by Buddha, some might think that there is no benefit out of this and then the Buddhists are just spreading wrong advice pointing that everything is caused by the conditions of karma. Or else some might think that Buddhists will only do some rituals to eradicate sickness. In real the understanding of an authentic follower of Buddhism is not only to this limit. It is beyond this.

The profundity of the teaching of Buddha is that it is nature that all the compounded things will perish momentarily. This actually happens and occurs in our life. For an instance, everyone in this current hectic world hardly has a time to rest at daytime or sleep at nighttime. This is because of our desire to obtain happiness, prosperity and comfort. But when we obtain happiness, prosperity and comfort; again our desire changes and craves for more prosperity, comfort and so forth. This change is also a phenomenon of the compounded things which occurs in our life. Likewise, when we fall into a suffering and difficulty in our life, we wish for the end of it, and get mentally and psychically exhausted. There are many who finish their lives without sorting out the misfortune. This is not only taught in Buddhism, but witnessed and experienced directly by all.

Now, if the nature of the samsara is suffering and impermanence; then isn’t there any way to get rid of it? To that there are many certain ways. We human beings have superior intelligence compared to other sentient beings. Therefore, we have to utilize the intelligence to face and eliminate the sufferings patiently. Even when one is happy surrounded by comfort, one should never rely 100% on it by understanding the nature of impermanence and changes might happen anytime. If we lay strong foundation-thought this way; then there won’t be any surprise to face a suffering and excitement when met happiness. In addition to this – by utilizing our intelligence, it is important to think of our livelihood and how to handle a situation.

We are all social animals totally depended to one another. Thus, we have to be always helpful and supportive to each other.

In concern of the current situation of our world we are all facing economic crisis both individually and globally. Even though don’t get discouraged or narrow-minded thinking that we won’t be able to overcome this kind of crisis. Otherwise we lose the value of human life.

Due to the current global pandemic, lockdowns have been implemented. The lockdowns and restriction of transportations have undeniably caused giant discomfort losing jobs and businesses. But if we think in the sense of long-term, there are many positive things that we can see. For an instance, the environment, air quality, and so forth have improved remarkably since lockdowns.

Our world has already faced crises caused by pandemic, weapons, and so forth several times in human history. In the mid of 1300s, the Black Death in Europe had killed 100-200 million people. Likewise, in 1918, the Spanish Flu pandemic lasted about 6 months killing 25-50 million people. Even in World War I and II numbers of people have died. So, compared to those disasters the current pandemic is kind of mild. This is also because of the good leaderships of the world and everyone following the possible precaution measures sincerely.

If compared to 14th Century, the Economic, Science, Technology, and so forth, have developed rapidly. Because of this all kind of disasters and crises are solved within short period of time. And no crisis and disaster last for long. Even now everywhere in the world are trying their best to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and experts are working tirelessly to invent a vaccine.

For the dharma practitioners it is a blessing in disguise when forced to stay home by the implementation of lockdown. This is the best time to practice more dharma like, studying, reciting mantra and doing other practices. Normally, we always put off thinking that ‘I will do/practice tomorrow’ and finally ends up getting hectic, and don’t get time or opportunity also. But now, because of lockdowns, we cannot go here and there, and have to stay at home only. In such situation, we have good opportunity to practice dharma and make use of time in meaningful way. This way the time also won’t go waste and the crisis also will turn into blessing in disguise through practice of dharma. So, all the dharma practitioners must assure that current time is used meaningfully.

Even those who are not dharma practitioners normally are busy with works and offices, and don’t have free time to spend more time with family and ends up in hectic. But now, as we don’t have to go to office or work, this is the golden opportunity to spend more precious time with family. Therefore, make lockdown a great moment.

The growth of world economy is created by human beings. If the human beings are unhappy and unhealthy, it is not possible to grow the economy. If the human beings are happy and healthy, then they can build the economy. Whatever we have now is created by human beings. Therefore, the value of human beings is more important, so stay stress-free and healthy. No need to panic from the current pandemic.

When human beings think only of economic growth, the environment such as ocean, sea, rivers, and so and so on, are left polluted. But now, as all the transportations are restricted we can see the sky clear blue and land without dust. So, for a time being, this is a good opportunity for our mother earth also to get purified and look more beautiful.

Don’t think that we are going through bad time. Time actually doesn’t have good or bad in it. It is just a creation of our mind. So being a human use intelligence and try to convert a bad situation into auspiciousness and a disguise into blessings. Don’t get panic. Be farsighted and broad-minded, and step forward. If we can do this way, then there is no crisis that we cannot overcome.

Most importantly stay healthy and follow the precautionary measures seriously. Love oneself and care all. Just a small mistake can spread the virus in large scale and create more crisis in society. Therefore, be farsighted and bear the small difficulty now thinking of bright, developed and protective future. It’s very important to think that we take current crisis as a learning experience to build strong future.

I won’t speak much as there is no more time. Particularly, as a dharma practitioner, it is very important to practice loving kindness and compassion to all sentient beings. We always make a prayer that “May all sentient beings enjoy happiness and the causes of happiness! May they be free from suffering and the causes of suffering!” But just making wishes and prayers from mouth won’t help, unless it is applied practically, especially when there is an opportunity to do so.

In current situation, there are many poor people who are struggling from hungers. It is high time to help them up to one’s capability. For an instance, the monasteries in our vicinity are helping the poor neighbours financially and providing rations. Namdroling Monastery also has done and are doing to the best of our capability.

Even myself, I have helped about 1000 needy people in vicinity. It’s not that I am wealthy, but sharing what I have to the needy. The teachings of Buddha are not just to make a prayer. You all also please help the needy people in your vicinity as much as you can.

Till now all the members of IBC have been working hard with right intention of loving kindness and compassion to benefit others. Do continue the meritorious activity!

I would like take an opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude through this platform to all the doctors, nurses, healthcare, police, etc. for combating COVID-19 in frontline.

Our monastery is always making prayers to gurus and deities, for we believe that they have protected us, and have been protecting and blessing till now.

In the monastery we are making smoke offering in the morning, Tara Puja at noon, and Vajra Guru mantra in the evening for the purpose of eradicating pandemic and for the world peace.

We have already accumulated more than 100 million Vajra Guru mantra in the monastery, and still carrying on. Even our dharma centers globally are reciting the mantra as directed, which they have accumulated more than 50 million. Therefore, I request you all also to make a dedication prayer and rejoice.

Thank you.










































































































































































































































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