I would like to wish you all a happy new year, peace and health, good fortune and all wishes be fulfilled!

In the past year, the global epidemic has been threatening health and lives of countless people. Thus, life and work have undergone serious changes; However, keep maintaining confidence and perseverance would be the opportunity to toward one’s own future when encountering dramatic changes in life.

If one is confined to the past thinking mode then will just like a pool of stagnant water and make no progress; When encountering problems, one may figure out the corresponding solution via uphold macroscopic vision and wisdom, then be able to find a hopeful way out.
With the coming of 2021, I hope that every one of you to put aside all of the negative experience in the past and regain hope and goals, replace negative thoughts with a positive mentality and turn passive into proactive attitude.
Praying for that natural and man-made disasters subsided quickly, and sentient beings be liberated from fear and suffering, and the world of peace, abundance and bliss!

Gyang Khang Tulku 2021/01/01












































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