The nature of the samsara is suffering and impermanence, we human beings have superior intelligence compared to other sentient beings. Therefore, we have to utilize the intelligence to face and eliminate the sufferings patiently. By understanding the nature of impermanence and realizing changes might happen anytime, then there won’t be any surprise to face a suffering and excitement when met happiness.

Don’t think that we are going through bad time. Time actually doesn’t have good or bad in it. It is just a creation of our mind. So being a human uses intelligence and tries to convert a bad situation into auspiciousness and a disguise into blessings. Don’t get panic, be farsighted and broad-minded then step forward, there is no crisis that we cannot overcome.

Most importantly stay healthy and pay attention to safety. Love oneself and care all, thinking of bright and taking current crisis as a learning experience to build strong future.

-Gyang Khang Tulku-





































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