Life has its ups and downs just like changing seasons, when one encounters difficulties or unfavorable conditions, should not lose heart and decadent but treat it as different stages of experience, and replacing negative pessimism with positive optimism, thus be able to turn a crisis into an opportunity.

If one want to escape suffering and attain tranquility and happiness, then must grasp every cause and condition of the moment, contemplates and counteracts the habits of the five poisons at any time, and resolve various inner afflictions and sufferings, further to expand the mind to surpass self-attachment, that is the path of attaining liberation .

Some people think that Dharma Practice is only for the afterlife, however, if the causes of suffering have not been eliminated, how one can attain bliss? Some people only pursue sensual pleasure in this life, thus incur a degenerate rebirth due to cause evil karma, one day when death comes then is too late to regret and panic.

Practicing Buddha Dharma should be motivated by bodhicitta,
if every motive comes in good faith with every confidence in the Buddha Dharma and the guru, then one sure can receive the blessings from the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, which not only can be sheltered from all obstructions in this life, but also be fearless as one near the end of life.

-Gyang Khang Tulku-





















































































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