Gyang Khang Chotrul Rinpoche’s teaching - Out of suffering is born peace and bliss

The world we live in is called the World of the Five Turbidities in Buddhist scriptures, which means unpredictable natural and/or man-made disasters would occur at any time, such as disasters caused by extreme weather, recent plane crash events etc.; When one encounters unexpected disaster and find one’s loved ones and property disappeared overnight, which make one feel extreme frustration and helplessness to the impermanence of life; How can one survives the difficulties and challenges when facing various afflictions and sufferings? 

Buddhist scriptures teach us that if one desires “no fear” who must “freed from all distortion and delusion”, eliminating the root cause which lead to fault and suffering, calming one’s mind from turbulent state, therefore, through the meditation of " Xinas (Calm State)” to purify polluted mind, as the cloth must be removed all color in order to be dyed in different color, so that practicing to subdue inner-mind is the beginning towards tranquility and harmony.

Living in a world of hi-tech civilization, people nowadays believe that happiness come from the materialistic pursuit. However, with insatiable desires, they feel only a deeper hollow and disequilibrium tormenting their heart inside.

Suffering from mental affliction and discomfort without proper and timely antidotes, a person, fully discouraged, is likely to put an end to his or her life. As a result, when facing such situations, we need to calm down first and find out the causes of unhappiness so that we are able to find the remedy for our mental affliction.

Two methods on how to eliminate suffering are presented here:
1. Calm abiding: This practice will help to settle one’s mind, navigating the mind step by step to a state of peace, concentration, stability and single-mindedness. Then, we are able to deal with problems calmly.

2. Contemplation on the principle of cause and effect of Buddha Dharma: All our karmic seeds will ripen someday, be they good karma or evil karma. Perhaps today the ripened effects of our good karma lead us to encounter an important person that is helpful to us; nevertheless, an accident may fall upon us tomorrow, owing to the results of our past evil karma.

Because of we can’t predict what is going to happen next moment, therefore, only to supplicate for the blessings of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas at any time and repent karmic obstructions, diligently do good and avoid evil enabling us shield off suffering and obstacles in time.







































































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