The teaching by Gyang Khang Chotrul Rinpoche on World Smoke Offering Day (May 15th of the Tibetan calendar)

“The Origin of World Smoke Offering Day”
In the 8th century AD, King Tritsong Deutsen was a devout Buddhist, who therefore greeted Padmasambhava and Shantarakshita from India for propagation of Buddha Dharma, then started to build the first Buddhist Monastery in Tibet "Samye", however, there were many demons obstructed the construction, thus Padmasambhava collected incense trees, good foods and offering substances then burned them with holding mantras, finally demons were subdued and becoming dharmapalas; After completion of the monastery, Padmasambhava summoned those dharmapalas and practiced incredible Smoke Offering, which brought them with great joy to protect and support Buddha Dharma; Padmasambhava mentioned in the sutras : On this day every year, land deity, mountain deity, dragon king and 8 steps sky dragon are all gathered together, to the Tibetan Buddhism, it is a very important day for releasing sky-horse flags, practicing smoke offering, and this is the origin of the World Smoke Offering Day (May 15th of the Tibetan calendar).

“The Merit of Smoke Offering”
There is supreme merit for Smoke Offering, which would benefit human and non-human; Practicing the smoke offering with repent will eliminate karmic obstacles, accumulate merit rapidly, and having a healthy long life, prosperity and complete necessities of life; in addition, clearing obstacles of sentient beings to reduce practice barriers, Smoke Offering is a convenient and useful dharma practice because it benefit both self and others. Making offerings and almsgivings via Smoke offering, meaning through practice of holding mantras and visualization to offer respectfully the food and substances to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, guru, yidam, protectors, dakinis and land deity, etc., at the same time giving ease to all beings within the Six Realms; For this, all Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries are practicing Smoke Offering on this day every year, the sangha of Namdroling also practicing diligently and dedicating to all living beings within the Six Realms, pray for demolition of all obstructions and sins, accumulation of the merits and wisdom, and the achievement of the Buddhahood in the future.





















































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