Sincerely supplicating Bodhisattva for compassionate blessing sentient beings to have a peaceful body and mind and wish-fulfilling!

Bodh Gaya in India is the holy place where Shakya Muni Buddha and the thousand Buddhas of the Worthy Aeon becoming Buddha, for hundreds of thousands of years, there are numerous eminent monks, greatly virtuous and pilgrims circumambulated the Vajra tower and made prayers.

In order to fulfill guru’s prayers for world peace, thereby continue spreading the teachings of Lord Buddha, further to prepare and build the Bodh Gaya Palyul Namdroling Monastery in this holy place, whoever participates in the construction of monastery will be able to accumulate immeasurable merits for oneself and one’s posterity. Sincerely hope that your support would help the opening ceremony of the monastery can be successfully held in early 2015.

May all beings are blessed by the holy place, clearing away obstacles and all wishes come true.

Gyang Khang Tulku 2014/01/01






































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