" Prayers & Wishes for New Year 2020 "
Wishing you all a Happy New Year, family well-being, diligent practice on Buddhist path, and the enhancement of merit and wisdom!
Due to the essence of reincarnation is suffering, in order to get rid of that one should let go of one's own attachment.
Thus only when one can tame one’s own mind through practice, then could be constantly surpassing physical and mental afflictions.
If one can arouse altruistic bodhicitta, turn adverse conditions into opportune conditions of attaining accomplishments, treat as mind honing when encountering obstacles, and face all distress caused by external object with calm abiding, then would be able to eliminate karmic obstacles, enhance merit and wisdom, and is also a path to peace and bliss, and liberation!

Gyang Khang Tulku 2020/1/1












































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