I pray for this auspicious new year brings all believers and disciples family well-being, long and healthy life, merit and wisdom enhanced, all noble wishes perfectly achieved !

Although every one longs to escape from suffering and attain happiness and joy,
however, one's conduct and deeds always lead to the exact opposite result,
many people are full of stress and anxiety while they spend their lives in pursuing worldly desires,
because the endless pursuit of desires cause one's inner mind can never be satisfied,
especially if one always makes blind or presumptuous demands, then one will create more evil karma due to greed,
not only can't attain the expected happiness but bring various afflictions and sufferings,
until death comes, one only left with regret behind when looking back on this life.

Only by abiding of body and mind in the present moment, one will then be able to experience a solid feeling of contentment,
even though just simply taste a cup of hot tea, one can still enjoy pure joy;
Being content doesn't mean stop making great efforts but continuing to improve diligently on the existing basis.

May every one has no regrets when reaching the end of life,
as the first quarter moon indicates that the full moon is approaching,
it’s also like saying goodbye to friends after finishing a meal,

with a state of mind in relaxation, comfort and dharma joy, moving unimpeded toward the path of fulfillment!

Gyang Khang Tulku 2020/1/24












































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