To keep the Nyingmapa lineage alive, and for the survival of the precious Nyingmapa School, the Monastery has been long committed to Buddhist education, with a total of 24 years of combined studies for each monk or nun.


1. Losar@@
  1/1~1/3 Celebrations of Losar, Tibetan New Year for three days.
2. Drubchen (Great Accomplishment Group Practice)
  From 1/5 Preparations for the Drubchen include making ritual cakes (tormas) and arranging offerings.
  1/8~1/15 Actual Drubchen of Rigzin Dupa (Gathering of Vidyadharas), Palchen Dupa (Gathering of the Great Glory), Ratling Tsedrub Sangwa Dupa (Ratna Lingpa's Secret Gathering of Long Life Accomplishment), Thugdrub Yangnying Dupa (Innermost Essence of the Gathering of Mind Accomplishement), Thugchen Sangwa Dupa (The Secret Gathering of the Great Compassionate One), Recitation of One Billion Mantras of Chenrezig and Guru Rinpoche, and Accomplishment of Mendrub (Nectar Medicine) are practised alternatively every year.
  1/10 Ritual Dance of the Eight Manifestations of Guru Rinpoche based on the Pure Vision of Guru Chowang.
  1/15 Receiving the Ngodrub (Spiritual Attainment) of the Drubchen at dawn.
  1/15 morning Ritual Dance of Serkyem (Celestial Drink), Sadul (Blessing of the site), Jinbeb (Invocation of Deity), Durthoed (Wrathful dance of charnel ground), Tumngam (Wrathful Dance), Tshogle (Wrathful dance at the time of Tsok Offering), Gingchen Chudrug (Sixteen attendants), Lhagma (Wrathful dance during offering of remained Tsok offering), Shingkyong (Ksetrapala, or the Protector of Pure Land), and Snow Lion Dance will be performed.
  1/15 noon Drubchen Empowerment will be bestowed to the public
  1/15 evening Concluding the Drubchen by reciting Lamp Prayer accompanied with the prayer of auspiciousness and dedication
  1/16 morning Sand Mandala of the Drubchen will be drowned in the river
3. One-Month Retreat Practice of Namcho (Space Teachings) begins
Instructions are given by the Lamas on Ngondro (Preliminary Practice), Tsalung (Energy Channel and Wind) and Dzogchen (Great Perfection) Practice based on Sangye Lakchang (Buddha in the Palm of Hand) by Terton Migyur Dorje according to the mental dispositions of students.
4. Entrance Procedures of the Ngagyur Nyingma Institue
  2/3 Entrance examination will be conducted for the new candidates
5. Beginning of the NNI's new academic session
  2/3 Roll call of the NNI students will be conducted
6. Annual Examination Results
  2/8 Previously in the presence of H.H. Penor Rinpoche, the faculty of NNI announce the results of the past year exam and prizes will be distributed to the first and second rankholders as well as to those who have memorized more than one hundred pages of scriptural texts.
7. March 27, Activities of Parinirvana day to commemorate the Protector His Holiness Penor Rinpoche
8. From the 10th classes begin when Khenpos (Abbots) and Lopons (Junior Teachers) will teach their respective classes
9. Kama Drubchen (Great Accomplishment Group Practice of Kama
Teachings) in the Fourth Tibetan Month (Visakha Month)
  Simultaneous opening of the Mandalas of the following seven different practices of 1. Mdo Tshogchen Duspa(Condensed Tantra of Anuyoga), 2. Gyuthrul Shiwa (Peaceful Form of Illusory Net), 3. Gyuthrul Throwo (Wrathful Form of Illusory Net), 4. Sangye Nyamjor (Union of the Buddhas), 5. Yangdag Heruka, 6. Rongphur (Vajrakilaya from Rongzompa's Treasure) and 7. Shinje Dongdrug (Six-faced Shinje) will be performed.
  4/5 dawn dawn ritual rites of site will be carried out in seven different groups
  4/5 morning Tsa-Cham (Root Ritual Dance) will be performed
  4/6 morning after completing the preliminaries, mandalas will be made till the 8th
  4/8 ornamentation of mandala will be carried out
  4/9 morning Actual Drubchen starts from the 9th morning and lasts till the 15th
  4/13 noon Rol-Cham (Musical Ritual Dance) will be displayed
  4/14 morning Thro-Cham (Wrathful Ritual Dance) will be displayed
  4/15 dawn getting spiritual attainment of the Drubchen
  4/15 morning Fire puja will be held
  4/15 noon His Holiness Penor Rinpoche will give Drubchen empowerment
  4/16 Sand Mandala of the Drubchen will be drowned in the river
10. Commemoration of Jamgon Mipham Namgyal Gyatso, on his parinirvana day
  4/29 the staff and students of Nyingma Institute make extensive feast offering after opening the Mandala of the Illusory Net Tantra of Manjusri
  4/29 evening students of NNI will exhibit Dharma discourse and debate
11. Summer Retreat
  Early Summer Retreat starts on the 15th of the sixth month and lasts till the 30th of the seventh month. The late Summer Retreat commences on 15th of the seventh month and lasts till 30th of the eighth month. In accordance to the Vinaya tradition, the novice and full-fledged monks of the Institute will stay in retreat. Monks of the dratsang (monastery) will assemble for a week-long prayer of Namcho and Nyingthing Solka (Supplication Prayer to the Dharma Protectors of Namcho and Nyingthing teachings), Kagyed (Eight Herukas), Gongdu (Gathered Intentions) and Gurdrag (Wrathful Guru Rinpoche) in a large gathering. Meanwhile in smaller gatherings, monks will assemble for Ratna Lingpa's Vajrakilaya prayer for forty-five days. As for the Early Summer Retreat, on the 28th evening of the Seventh Month, for the Jorcho (Concluding ceremony of Summer Retreat), students of NNI will display dharma discourses, philosophical discussions and debate.
11. Gagye ( Lifting Restrictions of the Summer Retreat)
  8/29 morning the Sangha will lift the restrictions laid down during the Summer Retreat
  8/30 monks will go to Jonggyu (rove about in the countryside); after Jonggyu, there will be three days holiday
13. Annual Examination of NNI
  From 10/3 Preparation leave for the exam will be given for a period of twenty days
  From 10/25 Annual Exam starts
  11/15 Exam finishes. Three days picnic party will be thrown to the students
14. Two and half month vacation starts from 11/18 till 2/3
15. Annual Nyingma Monlam Chenmo at Bodh Gaya
  From the last week of the Eleventh Month, monks will leave for Bodh Gaya to participate in the Monlam Chenmo (Great Prayer Festival)
16. Commemoration of the Great Nyingma Master, Longchen Rabjampa, on his parinirvana day
  112/18 faculty of Namdroling Monastery will organize an extensive feast offering.
In the evening, the students of NNI will display dharma discourses and debate.
17. Gutor (Tantric ritual to pacify all obstacles of the coming New Year performed in advance at the end of every year)
  12/25~29 Vajrakilaya, Kagyed (Eight Herukas), Sengdong (Lion-Faced Dakini), and Gurdrag (Wrathful Guru Rinpoche) prayers will be made
  12/29 Tordog ( A Pacification Ritual of Burning Tormas) will be performed
  12/30 Long Life prayer will be held
18. Every month on the tenth day and the twenty-fifth day, Prayers of Rigzin Duspa (Gathering of Vidyadharas) and Yumkha Dechen Gyalmo (Mother Consort Vajrayogini) will be accomplished uninterruptedly
  Thus under the wise and compassionate guidance of His Holiness Penor Rinpoche, more than 6000 monks and nuns in Namdroling Monastery study and practice the sutra and tantra teachings for the benefit of one and all.@



















































































































































































































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